Loan Against Securities

Take care of your financial needs without liquidating your investments

WeTata Capital introduces Loan Against Securities (LAS). our LAS offering doubles the benefits you can enjoy Equity or Mutual Fund investments - you can now get ready liquidity on your securities, while continuing to earn returns on them. Now you can take care of your financial needs without liquidating your investments.


Benefits of taking a loan against securities:

  • It helps you meet all your immediate financial needs without selling your securities
  • You can also enjoy all benefits of being a Share/ Mutual Fund/ Securities holder like Bonus, Dividends etc.
  • Any time pre-payment
  • Interest calculated only on the amount withdrawn
  • Option to avail additional finance by pledging more Shares, Mutual Fund units or Securities
  • Security swapping- Flexibility to swap securities as per your outlook on the stock market while enjoying the benefits of Dividends, Bonus and Right Issues

Product offer:

  • Loan facility offered on approved Scrips and Mutual Funds to the extent of 40-70% of the market value/net Asset Value (NAV)
  • Interest charged only on amount utilized
  • Monthly repayment of only the Interest component, the Principal needs to be repaid at the end of the term
  • Loan amount available as an over draft facility
  • Monthly interest payment by way of ECS or PDCs

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Terms and conditions apply. All Loans at the discretion of Tata Capital Financial Services Limited.

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